How to apply for your credit?

Consumer credit is the ideal way to achieve many projects, but obtaining it is very framed. The borrower and the lender must respect the various stages leading to the signing of the credit agreement. Step 1: The choice of credit The borrower must first define his needs. He may take advice from lending institutions or […]

What is a loan disbursement?

The debtors of a loan, especially when it comes to a mortgage, commit themselves for long periods in order to be able to repay their loans. But the credit they have been given allows them to instantly finance a project they could never have financed without the participation of the bank or credit agency they […]

Make a loan without contribution

  When you need a personal loan, unlocking an amount to make a personal contribution is not always easy. To avoid this problem, lending institutions offer their clients loans without contribution. What are the advantages and limitations of this formula? How to get a loan without contribution ? In which cases a personal contribution is […]

Personal loan simulation

Your project stopped, you must now measure the impact of your future personal loan on your cash flow. For that, a simulation of personal loan is essential! On Credistair, credit simulations are free and in a few clicks. Let yourself be guided and discover the monthly cost and the total cost of your loan, for […]

Repurchase of credit: new financing

  In the context of a loan consolidation, a borrower can obtain new financing solutions, subject to acceptance of the file by Crediteriol Personal Finance. Grouping of credits, what is the point? A consolidation of credits makes it possible to group together all credits (and debts, if any) subscribed from different lenders. Among the advantages […]

Proof of payday loan online

The borrower who applies for a payday loan online must provide supporting documentation to enable the lender to verify that the borrower’s situation is in accordance with the information entered. Online payday loan: Why must we provide supporting materials? The law requires the lender to verify that the person applying for a payday loan is […]

Credit with payroll seizure

A seizure on pay follows a court decision. Whatever the reason, it does not constitute an obstacle to obtaining credit, except in certain particular situations. A seizure on salary is indeed not recorded on a file at the FinaBank, like a payment incident. It is thus possible to concretize a project by subscribing a personal […]