The thermal comfort at home is an important element, both for the well-being in your home, to limit your energy bills and for the environment. In addition to improving the thermal qualities of the house (insulation, waterproofing …) you can choose a heating and air conditioning economical and efficient.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning

To cool your interior several degrees, when the outside temperature rises too high, you can install an air conditioner at home. There are different models:

  • the monobloc:
    a mobile device, used for the occasional cooling of a room.

  • the split:
    the device is fixed and divides into two parts. One outside that captures and cools the air and the other inside that pulsates the fresh air. It is a more expensive system but also more complete than the previous one, which makes it possible to cool a larger volume.

  • The multisplit:
    the most complex system, consisting of an outdoor unit and several inside, which can therefore air-conditioning several rooms, as in an office building for example.

Namely : Some models of air conditioning are reversible, that is to say they can produce both fresh air and hot air.

To choose your air conditioner, rely on the price, of course, but not only. His power is an important criterion. It is generally considered that a power of 100W can air-condition a living room and 80W, a room the size of a room. The size of the room, but also its level of insulation and its sunshine are to be taken into account. Do not forget to consider its average consumption, as well as the size of equipment.



The thermal comfort in your home passes by the choice of your heating. The possibilities are many and depend on your use, the configuration of your home and its connections, and the fuel you want to use. As always, specify the contours of your project: auxiliary or general heating? Fossil or renewable energy? What is your annual heating budget? What is your budget for the purchase and installation? How much are you to occupy the house? What is its surface, its level of insulation …?

You can choose between:

  • electric heating:
    the convectors are distributed in each room and fed by the electrical network of the house. There are different types of convectors, more or less efficient. The starting price is slightly lower, but its daily use is expensive.

  • fuel heating:
    fuel less and less used, fuel being increasingly expensive and polluting. However, its ability to heat quickly makes it a heating mode suitable for large areas.

  • Wood heating:
    it uses renewable energy, wood and can be declined because of the number of existing appliances (fireplace, closed hearth, insert, various types of stoves, stove, boiler, pellet stove). Use of heating, wood consumption, aesthetics … it all depends on the type of wood heating.

  • The heat pump:
    this system makes it possible to take advantage of a natural and renewable resource (air, water or earth) to recover calories. The heat is then transmitted into the house either as hot air or via convectors. So there are different types of heat pumps, the choice will depend on your budget, the house and your use. Some are also reversible.

Finance your air conditioning and heating

Finance your air conditioning and heating

Of course to install a new heating or air conditioning at your home represents a higher or lower budget depending on the model. Calculate the budget precisely, including the purchase price of the equipment, the cost of installation and connections if necessary, and the labor. Thanks to this information, you will be able to use the credit simulator which will inform you of the terms of the loan by completing your choice of loan amount, repayment period and amount of the monthly payment. By finalizing your loan application works, you will get a first answer in principle.