Online loans are the most convenient way to finance unforeseen events and the most efficient and fastest way to obtain fast money. You can request loans online instantly up to 15,000 euros, without paperwork and making the entire application process through the Internet.

Request a paycheck loan online and get approved in 3 easy steps

We offer the possibility of requesting fast online credits in the simplest way possible: after indicating the amount of money you want by moving the calculator bar that appears on the right, you will only have to fill out a short form and, after approving your application, you will receive the money in your account in 15 minutes. Simple truth?

The truth is that times have changed, especially in recent years with the constant development of the Internet. Before, if you wanted to apply for a loan, you had to physically go to your bank’s branch. Now, on the other hand, you only need a computer, a tablet or a mobile and, you can request credits online from your home and receive the money almost instantly in your bank account.

In this way, we try to offer a quick solution to those people who need financial support in case of unforeseen or lack of liquidity.

What are the advantages of applying for loans online?


Many more than if you did it in the traditional way through your bank. Comfort, speed and lack of paperwork and bureaucratization are some of the significant differences in doing so with us.

Comfort for carrying out the whole process from your home and without having to constantly go to the bank branch. Speed because the period between the time you fill out the application and get the money is minimal (approximately 15 minutes). However, we also differentiate ourselves from the rest by the absence of paperwork during the process: we exclusively request those essential data to process the online credit, such as name, ID or contact phone number. Without unnecessary waiting or bureaucratic procedures.

Who can apply for fast online credits?

Everyone who needs it. In fact, you have the possibility to apply for loans online. Although you figure in a list of delinquents you can access this type of financing without prejudice. Our lenders have this possibility and in no case will you suffer an increase in the associated rates. For us, equal opportunities and the right to request money is unquestionable, whatever your situation.

Also, those people who apply for credits without payroll online may have access. In these cases, it will be necessary to cover this deficit with the justification of some type of recurring income. Even so, the minimum conditions remain infinitely lower than in banking entities, where online loans are not granted to people without payroll, even if they have a stable income.

You don’t have an endorsement? No matter. We also do not have to obtain an endorsement that could cause some kind of material or real estate loss to online loan applicants. Nor will it be necessary for you to present a guarantor or a third person to guarantee the optical return of the money.