In 2010, more clearly more people received debt restructuring than the year before. About 4900 people were given the chance for debt relief, which is an increase of about 21% compared to the previous year. It is good that more people get help to release their debts and arrange their finances, but at the same time, one should not forget that the reasons for this are not only positive.

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If you have many payday loans and feel that debt restructuring can be a solution then you should not hesitate to look this up more and maybe even apply. Namely, many of those who apply get approved, about 64% to be exact. Payday advance consolidation through can be a solution when the payday loans start to become more than you can manage, and so it is not difficult to get a payday loan settlement as you might think. 95% of those who have been given the opportunity to clear their debts also manage this properly, which shows that they have decided once and for all to get to an organized economy.

About 8,000 people applied for debt relief in 2010

This is actually more people than ever before. That many have been able to get debt relief is thus positive, but is also partly due to the fact that very many have applied. This is both positive and negative as it means that more people may be actively addressing their financial problems and trying to become debt-free, but it may also mean that more people have problems with the economy than before.

So if you are to be negative, you can see that the increase in debt restructuring is basically because more people have problems with debt and bad finances. An increase is thus not only positive, although it sounds nice that more people are getting help. We must not forget to be responsible and try to manage our finances in a good way.