Question: What Is The Function Of ITF?

What is the purpose of industrial training?

The purpose of Industrial Training is to expose students to real work of environment experience and at the same time, to gain the knowledge through hands on observation and job execution.

From the industrial training, the students will also develop skills in work ethics, communication, management and others..

What is ITF Levy?

Nigeria: The ITF Levy, To Pay Or Not To Pay, Is That A Question? … The ITF was established under the ITF Act of 1971 (the “Act”) to encourage the acquisition of skills in industry and commerce in Nigeria. This was with a view to generating a pool of resources to meet the needs of Nigeria’s economic development.

What is the meaning of industrial training?

Industrial training is referred to as a program that offers good practical training in the specified time frame. … Industrial training provides students with significant skills and practical knowledge and motivates them to become a professional and successful engineer.

How do I register with ITF?

ITF REGISTRATION BY A NEW EMPLOYER.A prospective Employer is expected to complete ITF Form 7A (which is available online).The completed Form 7A is to be submitted to the nearest ITF Area Office along with:- … The company will be assessed for its liability by ITF Revenue, Inspectorate and Compliance Officers.More items…

What is ITF certification?

CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+) is an introduction to basic IT knowledge and skills that helps professionals decide if a career in IT is right for them. It also helps organizations prepare non-technical teams for digital transformation.

What is Industrial Training Fund all about?

As part of its responsibilities, the ITF provides Direct Training, Vocational and Apprentice Training, Research and Consultancy Service, Reimbursement of up to 50% Training contribution paid by employers of labour registered with it, and administers the Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES).

How can I get ITF certificate?

ITF REGISTRATION BY A NEW EMPLOYER CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE Prospective New Employer is expected to submit a duly completed application form accompany by: Copy of company’s Certificate of Incorporation issued by Corporate Affairs Commission’s. Certified true copies of the company’s Audited Account.

What’s the full meaning of ITF?

Definition. ITF. International Tennis Federation. ITF. International Transport Workers’ Federation.

What percentage is ITF?

Overview of the ITF Regulatory Regime The ITF regime mandates employers meeting prescribed thresholds (of turnover and employee numbers)2 to contribute one percent (1%) of their annual payroll cost to the ITF, not later than 1st April of the following year.

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